Mama Said

Mama said she would visit, and she did.

It had been a whole year since Mum and Dad waved us off at security in Heathrow. A full year of calendar events had been and gone, we’d missed a lot. Family occasions, celebrating accomplishments and simply walking the dogs. It’s a strange feeling having two worlds collide. We have created a, somewhat temporary, life here in Australia with homes, jobs and new people. Having someone step into it from back home makes you realise you should be better at communicating with those you’ve left behind. It would be incorrect to say it’s a former life, but one that is kept alive via technology is difficult to facilitate as real in your mind.

The day rolled around quickly and Mum was en route to Sydney Airport. We were up and raring to go for a 7am collection time – GoPro in tow. Photographs have served our journey very well thus far, but we recently invested in an action camera to keep a more detailed account of what we see and do whilst living at Bondi Beach- and apparently to test our video compilation skills on iMovie. Capturing nearly every second of her trip we were there to record each new experience whilst we toured her around our new city. With this in mind, please forgive the 8 minute duration, three and a half weeks were difficult to edit down!

We had a better month of March than we could have expected. Dropping our regular routines and rescheduling work to ensure that she got to see our favourite parts, some a few hours away and many very close to home. With beaches, mountains and city shopping at our fingertips time was flying by so quickly it was hard to keep track of what we’d seen and what was left to do! It’s safe to say Mum will need a vacation to get over this vacation.

Hopefully the video will act as a memoir for Mum and a keepsake to show friends, but not as a reminder that her eldest two daughters are living independent and happy, half a world away.


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