We decided to write a travel blog for a couple of reasons:-

1) To keep track of the events that happen as we go along – we’re bound to forget some funny moments or random acts of the locals we’re experiencing.

2) To let our friends and family know what we’re getting up to / where in the world we are.

3) Our mum’s will be incessantly calling / emailing / texting us for updates and this will hopefully bide us some time between wifi zones.

We start our journey on 27th February 2015 and depart Heathrow in the early hours, we head for Melbourne and start our trip together with Natalie, the older and sometimes wiser sister of Steph, and her Boyfriend Will. After a week we’ll separate for our own adventures as couples but will no doubt see each other at sporadic times along the way – definite plans have been made to watch Liverpool play Adelaide in July so at the moment we’ll aim for that.

We wanted this to be a place where friends can read about our journey as it happens and keep tabs on our whereabouts incase others fly out and want to join us on the way! Please let us know if you’re heading out, and if you have any hospitable Australian friends and family in the Melbourne area do give us a shout!


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